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WARNING! COVID-19 Precautions

AMS Techs are required to sanitize and wash hands frequently. Sanitation practices will be maintained to the highest standard to prevent potential spread.

Put us on Retainer for free.

We are here, if you need us all the  time for Maintenance or for Maintenance on Retainer,  Adams Maintenance Services  free client portal gives you access to a great team online who can assess damages and give competitive estimates for repairs, 

Our services provide you with everything you need to make a decision all  before showing up on site and billing for services. 

We provide that extra assurance, You have a team of Adams Maintenance Services on staff Trained Technicians  here working for you, providing on site solutions to all your maintenance needs. 

Handyman Tip #3

When gathering parts for a project never assume you already have something, Eyes on the supply. If it is not obtainable, it is not available.   Realistic outcomes come from realistic thinkers. 


Are you buying a house? All new houses have small issues that need touched up. We evaluate your new home and offer Handyman services to fix and repair any issue you may have. We provide online services to track your  home services free for all clients. Have a record of all services and site visits. Plus you will be able to get online estimates for free. We save home owners thousands on home maintenance. Average cost $275.00 with minor repairs. 

Handyman Tip #155

Parking lot Bollards. The poles sticking up painted YELLOW in the parking lot preventing people from running in to your building,  If you have parking spots nest to your building Concrete filled Bollards Prevent Tens of Thousands in building repair cost. 

  Fix a Ballard $600 Fix a building $12000 Average Cost

Location limitations, All service rates shown are based off standard 2500 SF 3 Bedroom Residential


Preventative Maintenance

 Trained & Qualified Technician Teams, Helper Technicians Teams, Provide a quality of service unlike any other.   AMS Provides full house Maintenance package that covers all your small problems that cause major issues.  Sinks and counter tops without  proper seals can leak under the cabinets and cause counter tops to swell or chip, sometimes water can drip under the sink through the unsealed sink or seams of the counter top causing more issues such as mold or mildew.  Doors and locks fail over time most life expectancy is 5 years sometimes 10. If properly taken care of yearly  locks and door handles can last 2x the expected rate. .  

  • Sinks seals
  • Counter tops
  • Faucets seals
  • Door knobs adjustment
  • Locks lubricant 
  • Hinges adjustment 
  • Window seals
  • Door Seals
  • Plug Outlet Testing
  • Light Switch testing
  • Room Lighting  intensity score
  • Paint And Patch 
  • Small Gutter Repair
  • Small house hold (skill) repairs no parts.
  • Toilet checks 
  • Shower  seals
  • Alarm Battery testing 
  • Emergency alarm testing

Handyman Tip #265

After removing a screw Place said screw in a safe place. Be mindful of the screws sizes. Never use a drill on mechanical devices or Factory set screws, unless you know what drill to use.  Knowing what drill bit size to use is key to properly extracting a screw. Sometimes a penetrating lubricant is needed to extract screws without damage.  

100+ Services Offered

We offer over 100+ Services in combination with our Specialty services. 

Handyman Tip #54

Be mindful of your surroundings at all times. Watch customers and predict movements. Act and react according to the safety of others. Never risk injury or disruptions. 

Residential Services

Pre-Paid Maintenance Services

Home Owners Only,  Services includes Service Charge and 1hr labor and discounts on basic needs.  We ensure your home is take care of, for a price you can afford. 

                               As low as $19.99 month. 

Handyman Tips #75

When hanging Pictures be sure you know the weight.  The weight is important to understand how to hang the picture properly.  Knowing the type of applicators are  needed keeps your photo on the walls long term. 


Handyman Tip #103

Never! Touch something you know nothing about.  Always Review Operations Manual.  No One ever really knows what the manufacturer requires unless you review The Operations Manual. Did you know after Reviewing the Operations Manual you are technically a Trained  Professional.